Personal Training

When you sign up for my 1-on-1 Personal Training Programs, you will receive a program designed exclusively by me for you and your lifestyle. We will work together to identify real short- and long-term goals. I will help you reach these goals by combining proper nutrition with full body workouts that will get you the maximum results in the least amount of time.

Trainer for Two

Two people, One Trainer, One Hour, No Excuses. Couples, friends, siblings, whatever. Now you can have two people pushing and motivating you to get to your workouts. Share the trainer and share the cost. A win-win situation!

Senior's Fitness

Don’t let exercise intimidate you into a sedentary lifestyle. Fitness is fun! We will work together to make your workouts safe, effective and enjoyable. We will always work at your pace so you won’t ever be too sore or tired. You’ll be looking and feeling better in just a few short weeks. Sessions are scheduled 2-3 weekly with low impact cardio on your ‘off’ days, as well as nutritional guidelines and motivational support. Aquatic workouts available if desired.

Pre and Post Natal Fitness

New moms and moms to be – this is for you. Your sessions are designed to give you a great workout while taking into account the changes pregnancy causes. Whether you want to prepare yourself for labor or get your pre-baby body back, I can help! Yes, you can exercise when you’re pregnant and/or nursing. Let me show you how!

Group Classes

With this program, you can set up your own group of 2-7 people, at your own time, location and duration. You bring the people, I’ll bring the work out.You will get more personalized attention and exercises but at a less expensive rate then one on one training. Styles of training include body weight exercises, cardio drills, medicine ball, bosu and other small equipment exercises. Sessions will be designed based on the members who are working together.

Custom Training Package

After a thorough interview and assessment of your goals, needs, and logistics (like the time that you have available for training, the equipment that is available to you, etc.), I will design an exercise program for you to follow on your own that is highly individualized to your particular situation.

Train for an Event

​If you are preparing for a triathlon, marathon, mud run, golf tournament or any sporting events a personal and experienced trainer can assist you in figuring out the things that you need to do to stay strong and healthy and perform well.

Healthy Shopping and Eating

Understanding nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet at home, work, or when dining out can be a challenge, especially for kids and picky eaters. After an in-home consultation and discussion about current food and meal practices, we visit your local grocery store together. I will help you to make healthier food choices and meal ideas. This generally takes up to 3 hours.

Buff Brides and Grooms

Consider your fitness trainer another imperative part of your wedding plan.The training package doesn’t necessarily have to be for the bride. How about signing-up the parents of the bride and the groom, or the bridesmaids? Why stop there? In fact, anyone who​ wants​ to get in tip-top shape for ​this​ special event needs and can sign-up for this training program.

Personal Training

You will receive periodic personal fitness assessments to measure your progress and modify your nutrition and workouts as your fitness improves, to help avoid training plateaus. I offer mini and full sessions which can be purchased individually or in blocks of up to 12 or 24

Custom Training Package

The exercise program design includes:

• An interview
• An assessment and fit test
• Two (2) customized, personal workout complete with pictures, descriptions and variations
• An exercise journal to record your workouts and keep you accountable
• An exercise program demonstration over 2 to 3 sessions
• Nutritional guidelines and sample meal plan
• Follow up session for any tweaks or changes
• Unlimited access to me by phone, text or email for troubleshooting.
• Progress monitoring
• Optional additional workout design to avoid boredom or plateauing

Advantages of exercise program design

• Highly individualized to your situation. Takes into account your age, availability (number of days that you’ll be exercising, and amount of time that you have to devote), equipment (what equipment you have access to), goals, needs, and other variables.
• Works with your schedule. You don’t have to conform to a trainer’s schedule.
• More economical than personal training or semi-private personal training.