Jordanna S.

"I have worked with Nikki for a little over a year to get wedding ready! Her hard work, encouragement, and intensive training sessions have allowed me to meet my fitness goals. I am beyond pleased with my results and have never felt more comfortable in my skin!"
- Jordanna S.*

Brenda O.

"Nikki is fantastic at working with your personal health history. As a cancer survivor with some challenges, I get appropriate challenge and motivation from Nikki. She pushes and motivates me while understanding realistic goals and routines. She never makes me feel inadequate - she simply shows me how to get to the next level.”
- Brenda O.*

Jeff A.

"Nikki has made a huge difference in my workout routine by teaching me the fundamentals of proper technique. I've built muscle and strength in a short period of time. She is very easy to work with and has an awesome ability to make things simple and effective. I would highly recommend her for anyone that's serious about their health and getting in shape."
- Jeff A.

Nic T.

"Incredibly knowledgeable, professional and attentive to the client's objectives by customizing workouts that are well rounded and subject different muscle groups in a random yet systematic method. I have been most favorably impressed with her abilities, demeanor, punctuality, commutative skills all of which leads me to highly recommend Nikki to anyone regardless of sex or age."
- Nic T.*

Alex M.

"I have been working with Nikki for a several months and I have only great things to say about her! She definitely goes above and beyond. I have a crazy travel schedule, yet she is always very accommodating. Most importantly, we never do the same workout twice, so I am constantly being challenged! She actually makes working out enjoyable. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone."
- Alex M.*

Mary Ann S.

"Truly a master of her craft. Nikki will challenge you with each workout at your own level that will allow you to attain your fitness goals safely and efficiently. Best gift to and for yourself."
- Mary Ann S.

Ted and Kate Emmerich

"We come to Florida in the winter and in the past we tried exercising on our own, which didn't work. This year, we started with Nikki. Kate and I use a trainer for cardiovascular tone and, in my case, for balance. Nikki has tailored programs for each of us. In my case, I have improved in both balance and stamina. Nikki is a delight to work with and we will continue to use her when in Florida"
- Ted and Kate Emmerich*

Danielle W

"I have always considered my self "fit" or "in shape". When I became pregnant I still thought I was doing a great job staying in shape, and the same story goes for after I had my baby. I didn't realize I wasn't at my potential until I still had half the baby weight I gained during my pregnancy 9 months after she was born. It wasn't until I called Nikki to train until I actually did do something right for my body. When we first started my entire body was in shock because it had never been pushed before. It was awesome to watch and feel my progress over time from moving up in the weight amount I could use or how different I felt after cardio from when we started. I began to have more energy, less junk food cravings and really began to love my body. If it wasn't for Nikki at my front door 3 days a week I wouldn't be able to say that. Not only did she re shape my body, she taught me how to continue this new "fit" lifestyle for ever. I would recommend Nikki to anyone!"
- Danielle W*

Sarah and Eddie

"My husband and I have been working out with Nikki for about a year. We wanted a healthier lifestyle and working out on a regular basis was going to be the start. We found Nikki just by searching online. We love the fact that our workouts are at the park and each workout is different. Nikki works with our schedule to make the workouts fit. We upped the number of workouts per week and their intensity for the months leading up to our wedding, and as a result we each lost around 20 pounds! We couldn't be happier. We have better days when we start with a workout with Nikki in the morning!"
- Sarah and Eddie*

* Results may vary from person to person